Meningocele and Tethered Cord



C/T/L Spine MRI w/o Contrast - Sagittal T1WI/T2WI/T2WI and Axial T2WI

Lumbar Spine MRI w/o Contrast - Sagittal T1WI/T2WI and Axial T1WI/T2WI

The conus terminalis was tethered by a fatty filum and terminates at the upper L4 level.

Brain MRI w/o Contrast - Axial T1WI/T2WI and Sagittal T1WI

There is no hydrocephalus or Chiari malformation on the brain MRI.

Differential Diagnosis

Surgical Intervention

Intraoperative Imaging

The dura layer was identified.

Specimen: fatty filum.

Post-operative Course