Epidermoid, Intracranial



CT Head without Contrast

There is a large interhemispheric cystic lesion without calcification, more to the right.

Brain MRI without Contrast - DWI/ADC/FLAIR/GRE

Brain MRI - DWI

This tumor presents restricted diffusion on DWI sequences.

Brain MRI - Axial T2WI

The T2 signal does not follow CSF signal.

Brain MRI - Coronal T2WI

Brain MRI - T1WI, T2WI, T1WI w/ Contrast, T1WI w/ Contrast

There is no contrast enhancement of the tumor.

CTA Head - Thick Coronal

Bilateral ACAs are displaced laterally due to the mass effect of the tumor.

Differential Diagnosis

Surgical Intervention

Post-Op Course

Post-Op MRI

Brain MRI - Axial DWI

There was a near total resection with some cavity border ischemic changes.